Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tomorrow’s Leaders

The day after the State Convention ended Doug and I drove to Annapolis, Maryland to see our very smart, considerate, beautiful niece graduate from the Naval Academy.  Being at a fabulous place full of young adults ready to take on the world, and knowing they have the skills, talents and knowledge to do just that was wonderful.

During the graduation ceremony Ash Carter, Secretary of Defense, spoke.  Sitting high in the stands overlooking the graduates and half of those in attendance I noticed a visible and audible discomfort in the audience as Ash started to speak.  Discomfort may have been the best way to describe the disdain many people felt having to listen to Ash’s liberal leftist lies being poured out upon the graduates before him.  

An odd roar rose up from the amphitheater type seating as though everyone had started to whisper to one another instead of listening to Ash Carter blabbing into the microphone.  And where movement in the audience seemed still and respectful before Ash started talking, suddenly the crowd became animated with many people discovering they needed to use the facilities as he rambled on.  

When the ceremony was done the overall consensus among graduates we spoke with was they were hopeful Donald Trump would be their next Commander in Chief.  Did I mention the place was full of young adults ready to take on the world?  Yes, they are!
 2016 Graduating Class tossing their covers.

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