Thursday, January 19, 2017

Rollercoaster, oh Lord!

Eight days later, on April 12th, I received a phone call from the nominating committee letting me know I had run uncontested for the Trump Alternate slot in Minnesota Congressional District 8 and I would be going to the Republican National Convention.  I was going to the Republican National Convention as a Trump Alternate!  Amazing, unbelievable blessing from God!

Although everyone deep in the workings of the GOP said it was “impossible” I would be attending the convention as a Trump Alternate because I ran “uncontested,” impossible became a motto of my small slice of Making America Great Again.  As hard as it was to believe myself, I was the only person in my Congressional District who applied for the position of being an Alternate to the Republican National Convention for Donald Trump.  Being uncontested meant I would not have to compete against other Republicans from my district for that position.  And because I was uncontested it also meant that long before anyone else knew who would be going to Cleveland, Ohio in July, I knew with certainty I was going – and going to represent my candidate, Donald J. Trump.  Impossible is in no way associated with God and His plans for our lives.

Three days later I received another call, this time saying, “There was a mistake” and “I may not have an uncontested slot.”  Hearing those words made me extremely suspicious of the powers that be, but remaining steadfast in the Ultimate Power, I knew if God wanted me to go to the convention He would make it happen.  Because if sneaky deals to get me out and someone else in were lurking in the background – God was always in control.

Not knowing if I was uncontested meant I would have to be prepared to compete for the Alternate position.  Everyone competing was given the opportunity to sell themselves by way of delivering a three minute speech before 400 people during the Congressional District Convention.  Now I needed to write a speech stating why I should be Donald Trump’s Alternate from CD8 – just in case I truly was contested.  Being contested also meant I needed to create a flier selling me, my candidate and my abilities, and have it all done for the convention in Park Rapids, Minnesota on April 30th – two weeks away.

A few days before the convention I received a third phone call, this time letting me know that I indeed was running uncontested – I did not have to compete against anyone else  – I was going to the national convention!  And I learned that even though I was uncontested, I still needed to deliver a sales pitch about myself and present fliers to everyone in attendance.  Had the “mistake” not happened I would not have been well prepared for what was to come.  God was taking me on a roller-coaster ride through this political journey, and even when the nose dives looked as though I would crash, He used them to make me ready for the ups and downs yet to come.
It is so much easier to do difficult things when you know you cannot lose.  Whether my audience at the convention liked me or not, because there could be no blanks on the candidate voting form, everyone had to vote for me as the Trump Alternate that day. 

My ride on the political roller-coaster was interesting; I could not begin to imagine the trials Donald Trump was going through.

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