Friday, January 6, 2017

How are “we” doing?

On April Fool’s Day I drove over 400 miles to pick-up Trump yard signs in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  Although I live in northern Minnesota, Wisconsin’s Primary was quickly approaching, and Superior, Wisconsin needed Trump signs.  The following day I put on my white Bunny Boots and headed across the bridge to Superior.

On a sunny but cold April day with plenty of snow piled along the main drag I traveled, I walked over and around piles of snow, knocked on every door and talked to everyone who answered, letting them know I was a volunteer for Donald Trump’s campaign.  Some people laughed and slammed their door, and a few listened and let me know they were considering voting for Trump – if he got the nomination.  Then there were the few who were like me, all in for Donald Trump for President, and they happily allowed me to put a Trump sign in their yard on a well traveled road. 
While talking to one of those Trump supporters I learned Donald Trump was going to be in Superior on April 4th.  April 4th?  That was two days away!  I was super excited about attending a Trump Rally, but had been too busy working on campaign stuff to check the online schedule and get tickets.  Yikes, I would be totally bummed if Donald made a campaign stop so close to home and I missed seeing him.

After eight hours knocking on doors out in the cold and with daylight running out I headed home.  First thing I did after kissing Doug ‘Hello’ was print tickets for Monday’s rally. 

Doug wanted to attend the rally, but was busy with work.  At the Precinct Caucus Doug and I met another couple who were even newer to the area than we were, and they lived only a few houses down the road from us.  Scott had volunteered to be the Recorder at our caucus and Brandy had won one of the other Alternate slots, higher than my #6 space.  Brandy attended the BPOU meeting and, like me, became one of two Alternates to the Congressional District and State Conventions.  Scott and Brandy were die-hard Trump supporters, so while Doug and Scott worked on April 4th, Brandy and I headed to the Donald Trump, Make America Great Again rally in Superior, Wisconsin.

Although the rally was not supposed to begin until 1:30 pm, the doors were going to open at 10:30, so Brandy and I decided to get there early, ensuring we would have a place upfront and “inside.”  By the time we arrived at 8 am there were already 40 people ahead of us in line.  Being from northern Minnesota I thought I had dressed appropriately for the weather, but 24 degrees in a shady, windy spot seeped through my clothing faster than expected.

When the doors opened at 10:30 and we slowly passed through Security it became apparent that being inside an airplane hanger meant we would still be outside with a roof over our heads.  After spending 2 ½ hours in below freezing temperatures we got a good spot in front of the stage.  Now we only had 3 hours left to go!

Donald made it to the stage around 2 pm and his speech lasted approximately 50 minutes. It was fabulous to see our next President, and for the short period of time Donald spoke I did not notice the pain that had earlier overtaken my feet.  Brandy and I had already been standing in below freezing temperatures for 7 hours, but as Donald Trump started making his way around the roped off mass of people – signing autographs and shaking hands – we agreed the cold was not so bad and decided to stay a while longer. 

It was well worth the pain to have stayed the 7 extra minutes it took Donald to make it to where we were in the crowd.  But with everyone pushing forward I was now two people back in the thickening pack and everyone in front of me had their hats and books ready, hoping Donald Trump would sign them.  Knowing I had to do something different to stand out from the crowd, God gave me the answer – remember your manners.  After hearing only yells of “Donald!” ringing in my ears, when Donald’s eyes glanced my way I yelled, “Please Donald, Would you sign my T-shirt?”

At that point Donald had already been outside for over an hour, he looked cold and was moving quickly past many people.  With arms reaching everywhere and the end of the line only feet away I knew there was little chance Donald would stop to sign my T-shirt — but stop he did.

Handing Donald Trump my T-shirt I told him, “I work for you.” Hearing those words he gave me an odd glance, until I added, “And you will never fire me.”  Hearing those words Donald smiled and signed my T-shirt.  

Handing my T-shirt back Donald asked me how I thought things were going.  Donald Trump asked me, a nobody volunteer, how things were going.  After telling him I thought things were going very well he then asked, “How are we doing?”

Think about that.  How are “we” doing?


Inside I was giddy knowing my little contributions had been acknowledged by the man I was working for.  But staying on point I looked in his eyes answered, “You are doing great! 

Then the sweetest thing happened — Donald Trump, the human being with emotions like the rest of us — reached out, grabbed my hand and squeezed it.  Then he moved on.  

God blessed me richly that day, and I prayed my words encouraged Donald Trump, a man who included “We” the people from day one.

When Donald Trump stopped and talked to me. This image was taken from a video news article from a local TV station.  The bald guy with white frame glasses on his head was standing right behind me during the entire event, so although you cannot see me, you can see where I was when Donald signed my shirt and was talking to me.

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